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Unger Diffutherm Calculator

This application is calculating requirements for insulation. It gets input from common webforms. Those forms are very dynamically. Depending on the users input they are changing their behaviour and their appearence. So I developed a formlibrary for those special needs. Technologies I used:

  • php5
  • xajax
  • smarty template engine


  • easy to enhance functionality because of the object orientaded design (e.g. new types for formfields or methods of validation)
  • the forms are resolving their dependencies automatically (ajax)

Around the calculator more modules came up:

  • customers login, modification of personal data, orders and offers
  • some customers are allowed to have subcustomers and edit their data as well
  • interface to maintain the formulas for the calculations
  • the app is multilingual and offers via web an interface for translation
  • there is a library for logging
  • interface to the companies enterprise resource planning software